When should you replace your car’s shock absorbers?

If you have been facing some issues with your car lately, then perhaps you are in need of a shock absorber replacement. Because when it comes to the suspension system, these are the most important parts, you should pay attention to any possible malfunctioning problems, to avoid more costly issues. If the suspension parts of your car are not repaired or replaced on time, you might face serious inconveniences, which can be the cause of an unfortunate accident. Taking your car for a thorough inspection should be the first thing to do as soon as you notice a suspension problem. Here are the main warning signs that you need new shocks.

Poor ride quality

This is probably the first and easiest sign to spot when your shocks are in need of a replacement. However, each vehicle offers a different ride quality, so only if you know your car very well, you will be able to spot any suspension problems. If you have been feeling lately that your vehicle is more rough or bouncy, then perhaps you should get your suspensions inspected.


When a shock goes wrong, nose-diving is a common repercussion. Does your car swerve or dip when you push the breaks? If your vehicle starts pointing toward the ground, when breaking, then it is more than necessary to get your shock absorbers checked. For safety reasons, you should not leave this issue unattended.


Another clear indicator of shock problems is vibrations. If you feel any kind of vibration through the steering wheel when driving, then your shock absorbers might be the cause. Shock usually has the role of maintaining the tires in optimal contact with the road, preventing the appearance of vibrations. Increased vibrations can even lead to a decrease in the overall control of the car. Avoid any possible accidents, and get your car checked as soon as possible when confronted with this situation.

Leaks and other visible damages

The clearest signs that you are in need of a shock absorber replacement are leaks and visible damage. If your shock or strut is leaking or there is clear evidence of damage, then you should seriously consider a suspension inspection. As soon as you have spotted a decrease in your ride quality, check your shock absorbers and see if they are in a bad condition. A suspension system that is not functioning correctly will put your safety in danger, and if not taken care of on time, the overall vehicle damages might become even more costly to repair.

As you can see, there are a few signs that indicate the need for a shock replacement. To be certain that you will benefit from a top-quality suspension system that will not cause you any problems in the near future, you should look for a reliable supplier that can put at your disposal qualitative shock absorbers and any other car parts you might require. Look online for a team of specialists that can help you replace, repair, or upgrade your suspension system and improve your ride quality.

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