Which Are the Best Cars for Easy Mobility Scooter Access

People who can not walk or have difficulties and pain while walking, usually move around in mobility scooters, which ease their movement. But what if they need to transport the mobility aid from one place to another? In this case, they will need to fit the mobility scooter in the back of a car, if it is a folding model, or they will need a car with easy access for mobility scooters.

Folding mobility scooters that fit the car trunk

Many models of mobility scooters are small and light and can be easily folded. These models are usually used by people who can walk on their own but need a mobility scooter for long distances. In this case, they can transport the folding scooter in the back of their car, on the back seat, or tied on the hood of the car. Visit mobilityscooter. reviews in order to see which are the best scooters that can be easily stored in the trunk.

Cars that are suitable for easy access of the mobility scooters

If you use a mobility scooter and you want to transport it by car, but the model is not a folding one, you should look for cars that are suitable for mobility scooter access. You can either use a car that is low and allows you to get the mobility scooter inside or a car that has been specially modified to fulfill the needs of people with impairments. A van with a large storing space in the back is great for transporting a mobility scooter and you can even find ramps to attach on the verge of the car door for easy up and down transportation. Kis Sedona, Renault Kangoo, or Citroen Berlingo are some of the models available on the market which can be easily used by persons with disabilities.

Cars especially adapted for mobility scooter users

Some companies offer modified cars for people who use mobility scooters, from converted vans and mobility scooter-friendly camper-vans and motor-homes to vehicles for the disabled or the elderly. The cars have many improvements, from lowered floors and security restraints to removable seats and wheelchair access lifts. The companies also offer guidance, support, and installation of internal adaptations.

Cars modified for disabled drivers

If the person with a disability is a driver, there are also cars that can be adapted to their needs with several packages of equipment, consisting of internal adaptations to assist and ease driving, such as push and pull hand controls, left foot accelerator pedal, swivel seats, electronic controls to operate light, wipers, indicators, and more.

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