Windshield dings: why they happen and what to do

It is needless to say that windshield damage is frustrating. Unfortunately, dings and auto glass repair are part of the life of a car owner. While it is true that a ding is not as serious as a large spider web crack, you should not neglect it. The structural integrity of the front window is affected. A dinghy window is a serious threat, not to mention that the damage can worsen if you don’t do anything. Do not try to fix the damage yourself. The best thing to do is go to an auto shop that can repair your windshield ding Corpus Christi. In what follows, we will discuss more about the common causes of windshield damage and how it is mended.

Common causes of windshield dings

Chances are that you will not notice the windshield ding right away. But the next day, it will be there for you to see. Here is a shortlist of causes of front window cracks:

  • Direct impact: All drivers are involved in accidents at some point or another. No matter how careful you are, you cannot avoid them. The main result of an impact is a ding in the auto glass.  
  • Airborne rocks: A windshield ding typically occurs when small rocks or other objects hit the glass, nicking it and causing a small damaged spot. Due to these causes, windshield cracks are quite common. Roads are covered with many rocks, so if you happen to pass by, especially at high speed, do not be surprised if a rock falls on your front window from nowhere.
  • Debris: Debris created from transportation vehicles can hit your vehicle’s windshield and cause small chips. If you ever see a vehicle creating debris on the road, it is best to not go behind it.

Have the ding repaired immediately

The great thing is that a windshield ding can be mended, so you do not have to start looking for replacement glass. Yet, it is important to have the damage repaired right away. If dirt or debris make their way into the crack, the repair will only be more difficult. Ignoring the crack will make it expensive to repair too. No matter what kind of trouble you are having with your windshield, take the car to automotive service. Auto glass repair technicians can repair your front window fast and professionally. This means that you will get your vehicle back in no time. having the windshield repaired by a professional ensures its integrity and, what is, more it will be stronger than ever.

How windshield dings are repaired

Auto glass technicians first inspect the front window to see if a repair is indeed necessary. The repair itself is realized with the help of epoxy resin or composite materials. They are then hardened with ultraviolet light. Any excess will be removed to maintain the glass surface. Replacement is a different story. Repair is much more affordable than replacement, so make sure you take your car to the auto shop immediately.

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