Useful Gadgets that Every Driver Should Have in Their Car

Passionate people who love their cars would do anything for them. They tend to surround themselves with little car accessories and car gadgets that are more or less useful for them. They may buy a gadget for safety, for the true necessity or just for fun. These products usually make the time you spend in your car be more pleasant. No wonder the industry of these products goes so well! We present to you some useful gadgets that every driver should have in their car.

Garmin Dash Cam 20

Whether you are a dangerous driver or you just want to make sure you stay safe from other dangerous drivers, having a cam that records all your actions is a wonderful thing. The recording stays as proof of anything that could happen to you. It will not distract your attention from driving since you can put it in a corner on your car window. It’s very easy to operate – you only have to connect it to power and it will start recording in .avi format right away. A 4GB card will record 48 minutes of full HD. It comes with a 2.3-inch screen that allows you to see in real-time whatever it’s recording at that moment. It has a G-sensor which makes the footage be permanently stored on the memory card immediately before, during, and after a sudden change of driving behavior such as breaking, impact, or change in direction. If you want to save your current video file you only need to push one button and it will be stored on the SD card.

Heated Travel Mug

It would be such a shame not to have this totally inexpensive item. Compared to how useful it is, this mug has a really small price. For only $10, you take your favorite beverage with you wherever you may drive. Some travel mugs come with dual adapters – so you can connect them either to your laptop, USB port or to the cigarette lighter in your car! 16 oz of fresh hot coffee will be more than enough to wake you up!
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Radar Detector

A radar detector helps you detect if your speed is monitored by police. It’s a very useful device if you like to drive with more speed. You can drive at the speed that you like and as soon as the machine tells you that you are monitored you can break so you can avoid being ticketed. Although a good radar detector such as Cobra SPX 6700 costs around $180, it may not be pricey at all to invest in your own radar detector. Think about how much you could save from your fines. This particular device detects Doppler radar-based devices although most of today’s radar detectors are able to detect signals across a variety of wavelength bands. While this particular model is certainly a good choice, you need to read more reviews for other products as well in order to make sure that you are buying the best gadget for your need.

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