Driving in dense fog – some advice for truck drivers

Owning a company that provides truckload services for other companies comes with numerous advantages, but also with a series of responsibilities, and one of the most important ones is preparing your truck drivers for the road. Being the best trucking company in the industry means that you have to pay attention to every detail, from the condition of your cars to the health condition of your drivers and the high-quality dedicated truckload services that you provide. It is recommended to offer your drivers several courses to offer them a few tips on how to drive in harsh weather conditions such as dense fog for instance.

 Drive slow!

This is the first piece of advice you should be telling your truck drivers during the course. It is highly important for them to understand they need to drive slowly in dense fog in order to avoid any accidents from happening, especially since your trucks are transporting other companies’ goods. It is important to mention that fog can be quite tricky because it can get denser and thicker at any time, which can make everything extremely difficult for truck drivers that handle large vehicles.

Turn on all the lights if necessary

Another piece of advice you should offer your drivers is to turn on all the lights if this helps them see better and, more important, be seen by others in traffic. However, it is important to remember that drivers should not turn on the brightest lights, because they cannot penetrate dense fog the way low beams do for instance.

Follow the lines on the road

In times of bad weather and more precisely dense fog, the lines on the road are the best guide not only for truck drivers but for all drivers as well. They should follow these lines in order to stay straight on the road because in most cases, they can guide drivers even better than looking straight ahead.

Be ready for many stops

Emergency stops might occur during the driving, which is why the truck driver should always be prepared to slow down or even stop suddenly. It is highly important to pay great attention not only to keep the vehicle straight on the road, but also to be ready to stop immediately in case there is an obstacle on the road that has appeared out of nowhere.

If necessary, stop!

Tell your drivers that in case they feel unsafe or cannot see absolutely anything due to the dense fog, it is better for them to pull over at the closest truck stop or rest area. It is advisable to avoid pulling over somewhere to the side of the road because this way other participants in traffic will be distracted and it will be more difficult for them to see the road in front of them. What is more, when pulled over, your drivers should remember to turn off all the lights but the hazardous ones. All in all, your truck drivers should use their best judgment when they have to drive in dense fog.

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